A hand with an IV line and a heart rate monitor


Chartering an air ambulance

A helicopter air ambulance hovering in a cloudy sky

American Flight Support can arrange an air ambulance quickly and to suit your needs. Get in touch now if you require travel urgently – Contact Us

Chartering an air ambulance is a fast way to transport a patient / patients: Either those in need of medical attention to a hospital, or those who cannot fly in a typical aircraft. We have access to a range of jets and helicopters suited for transporting medical patients, each designed to custom specifications. For example stretcher access may be needed, or a passenger may only be able to travel at a certain air pressure, or require an onboard intensive care unit – we can source this for you. The aircraft will also fly with trained medical staff, with room for passengers to accompany the patient onboard.

American Flight Support can work with any hospitals and medical professionals as needed, and will liaise between you to meet both your and their requirements, in order to ensure a smooth journey.

Whatever your needs, whether it’s yourself or somebody else with medical requirements, we can help. Reach out to American Flight Support to arrange an air ambulance.