A helicopter flying over a city


Chartering a helicopter

A black helicopter landing in a large garden near a lake

Chartering a private helicopter is a great alternative to jet hire, offering more flexibility on short or medium-range journeys. Thanks to their smaller size and their vertical take-off and landing procedure, helicopters can be adaptable in their departure and arrival destinations. They can land in city centers, on helipads atop buildings, in fields, even on boats in some cases, ensuring you always land closer to your end destination than a jet landing at an airport can allow. This allows for a stylish entrance to an event, for example – and means that even remote locations without a reasonably close airport are possible destinations.

We can access a wide range of helicopters to meet your needs, with different options depending on the number of passengers, journey distance, and more. Whether you’re travelling for a meeting, or maybe even travelling to a music festival, a helicopter can ensure you arrive in style.

If you require a long-distance flight, then a jet would be more suited to your needs. Even in that case, we can arrange a helicopter to transfer you from your departure location to the airport, where your jet will be ready and waiting – or a helicopter can take you from your arrival airport to your end destination.

Reach out to American Flight Support today with your time and destination requirements, and we’ll be in touch to arrange an affordable helicopter charter for you.