Private jet in hangar with a woman walking towards the viewer


Chartering a business jet

A woman and a man disembarking from a small private jet onto a red carpet.

If you’re travelling for business, chartering a business jet is the best way to fly in style and comfort. When you charter a jet through American Flight Support, we can take care of sourcing the aircraft, arranging flight plans, and all other travel requirements so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

When you take a commercial flight to travel for work, there’s always the risk of delays, along with the hours of queues and pre-flight checks. With American Flight Support, you can schedule a business jet for any time you need to comfortably reach your destination, and can board just minutes before take-off at an airport near you. While booking, you’ll have access to a list of available aircraft, and can select the perfect size jet for your needs, catering to a range of passenger numbers. When you charter a business jet, that jet is yours for the journey – you don’t have to share it with noisy passengers. Conference rooms are also offered on board select aircraft.

Whether you’re making a shorter trip or going for a long-haul flight, we’ve got you covered. All aircraft are safe, perfectly maintained, and outfitted with everything you need for a comfortable flight.

You can read more about our air charter services here: Air Charter

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