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American Flight Support has 24/7 customs arrangements for the crew and passengers. The professional team is efficient in managing any customs arrangement. If you need to file your e-APIS, call 1-888-245-4017 or email us at


For flights TO and FROM Mexico, it’s mandatory to file a Mexican APIS manifest with Mexican Immigration. Use the approved Excel spreadsheet provided by Mexican Immigration to file the manifest. We must file your e-apis within 24 hours and 30 minutes before departure.
You need to send us a copy of your GENDEC and all SOB passport copies.


The Canada Border Services Agency offers CANPASS, a program that expedites customs and immigration clearance for frequent travelers on private and corporate aircraft flying directly from the United States. CANPASS comes in two options: Corporate Aircraft and Private Aircraft. Both programs grant access to more airports and faster processing. Membership costs CA$40 and is valid for five years.


CARICOM is similar to US E-APIS, which needs to be filed electronically; in order to file your CARICOM, we need a copy of your GENDEC and all SOB passport copies. The countries that need CARICOM for arrival and departure are:

a. Antigua and Barbuda

b. Barbados

c. Dominica

d. Grenada

e. Guyana

f. Jamaica

g. St. Kitts and Nevis

h. St. Lucia

i. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

j. Trinidad and Tobago

For further details and to inquire about the requirements, please reach out to our operations team. T: 888.245.4017 email: