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Aviation Fuel Supply


Through our worldwide network of aviation fuel suppliers, we provide JET A1 aviation fuel in most international, national, commercial, and private airports around the world. With enough notice, we can also supply your aircraft with AVGAS aviation fuel upon request. We are in contract with major, regional, and local aviation fuel suppliers around the world, and are always equipped to refuel your aircraft according to your specifications and needs.

We supply into-plane aviation fuel in almost every commercial and private airport around the world, as well as many military airports. This makes it difficult for American Flight Support to directly supply fuel, which is why we are an aviation fuel re-seller. With the fuel cost being the largest direct operating cost of any flight, being diligent when shopping for your aviation fuel is imperative. At American Flight Support, we believe that all savings per liter or gallon reflects hugely on your flight department’s annual fuel bill.

Our procurement strategy is to buy from local aviation fuel suppliers. We avoid buying from resellers or international suppliers to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible value. We also contract with more than one aviation fuel supplier in every location to provide our clients with the best comparative price. This strategy, in addition to the volume of fuel we buy per year, allows us to offer competitive and cost effective rates. This holds true regardless of whether payment is made in cash, by credit card, or through a local FBO or ground handler.

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Finally, our search for competitive fuel prices does not compromise our commitment to quality and safety. In fact, American Flight Support only purchases fuel that complies with international standards and tests.