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As the market starts to readjust to modern times the methods by which goods and services are being transported through the world is rapidly changing.

Before, in a day where trains, boats and trucks led the movement of goods, now aircraft are leading the way. Today more than ever the market is in need of proper agents, and brokers for the cargo industry. As commercial airlines start to reduce their fleets and active routes, the need for active brokers is higher than ever.

American Flight Support Logistics team understands airline policies and constraints inside and out. This puts us in the perfect position to negotiate any delivery by air. We begin by finding an airline that can ship each client’s goods on time and then find a way to complete that shipment without going over budget. If scheduled shipping isn’t enough for a client, we charter a flight to meet their specific needs. With our help, no business will be left without crucial supplies.

In the past years, American Flight Support has shipped many special cargo and hazmat materials to many places that not everyone can ship.

Countries like Afghanistan, Congo, and Iraq where AFS has vast network of local agents and representatives that will make sure your shipment goes effortlessly.

We calculate millions of routes and miles for you in seconds, your time-critical shipment can get there faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

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