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Start-up operations and training

There are many challenges and hurdles in starting a new aviation business venture

Training from American Flight Support

Launching an aviation business brings both great risk and great excitement. Most ideas, though, never make it off of the ground, and of those that do, the vast majority end in failure. Of the many hurdles to starting a business, there are four that universally stall ventures even when they have a promising business model.

At American Flight Support we offer a vast variety of support and training. 


You aren’t an entrepreneur unless you are willing to take risks with your own money, although that risk is calculated because you believe in what you are doing. Still, additional funds are usually needed. Most companies can’t grow to scale without some type of loan or capital infusion. We can walk you through how to find a business partner or loan or even we can finance you. You can contact our team for more information.


Certain startups require retail, client search, or hanger space. Some just need an office. Either way, only certain types of companies can launch from their home, so a facility is needed, and signing a lease that cost more than your mortgage is a daunting step. Ask our team what the best for you is.


An entrepreneur seldom is an expert on all facets of what will be required to start and grow a business. Typically, certain areas like operations, sales, and accounting will need outside expertise. A startup needs to be able to quickly pull in expert advice to solve these issues so it can promote its idea and win initial customers. AFS has the know how and can assist you with all the data needed to build your business facts on. Contact us today to discuss.


Adding the very first employee is a huge step. The paperwork, taxes, and regulations increase exponentially for that very first employee. There are also much higher risks from a legal perspective, and payroll drains company cash quickly during the early phases of a company. AFS has the capacity to do all the work for you. Please ask our team what we can offer.

Contact us today to discuss your plan. We simply might be the right partner for you.