About us


If you’re looking for a way to avoid the crowds, travel in style, and enjoy the hassle-free advantages of a private jet charter, American Flight Support is ready to take you above and beyond. Our private jet rentals are perfect for passengers that demand privacy and understand the value of personal time.

We proudly cater to VIPs, celebrities, doctors, CEOs, athletes, attorneys, corporate entities, and even groups of friends who want to spend a memorable weekend in Vegas. When you charter a private jet, you enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Forget about TSA, long lines, cranky agents, and taking off your shoes. Simply park next to the jet and climb aboard. We can have a plane fueled up and ready for takeoff only two hours after you sign the contract.

To make your travel even easier, we offer full trip support including ground transportation, meet and greet services, VIP concierge services, hotel booking, and inflight catering. Best of all, our Best Price Guarantee ensures you get the best deal for exceptional service that is the envy of the private jet charter industry.

Give us a call, hop on board, and let us put a drink in your hand while we effortlessly get you to the destination of your choosing. Traveling doesn’t have to be risky or cumbersome when you charter a private jet with American Flight Support.